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Yes, there are many of them.
It's like a constant in my life.
Poor guy is always around when Kate and Sawyer are having a 'moment'
The writers love to show his reaction to this said moments
Everything for the sake of the triangle?
Perhaps. The thing is, he is ALWAYS there witnessing everything.
Here's my TOP 5: 


This scene, I believe, he just wanted to be part of the fun.
But Kate was busy admiring the pretty blond hair.
Love how she's always leans to Sawyer side.
Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but let's face it, who cares?


The 'spectacular kiss' was almost like specially for Jack.
It was right in front of him.
Give the guy a break!


I just love how Kate only looks at Sawyer
during the whole scene.


One of the first 'third wheel' scenes
He looks so freaking uncomfortable
Am I suppost tofeel bad for him? That's the point?
If so, didn't work with me >__<


This was like: perfect timing.
Bad karma, Jack...bad karma!
The little smile looks like he lost a bet or something
I thought he was going to look at Sawyer and say: well played my friend!

.click the images to see them bigger
.do whatever you want with the pics
.link to the picspam if you liked it
.the Juliet one will be next,

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