Ms. PollyGreen (ms_pollygreen) wrote,
Ms. PollyGreen

Today is Jen's birthday!!
Heee ♥
So, to celebrate the day me and just_lucy 
decided to post a entry to about the birthday girl 

I'm a sucker for B&W pictures and I'm a sucker for Jen
so why not two awesome subjects in ONE entry?!


I love her expression in this picture, it's so cute and sexy.
also, the hair is superb but that's not news.


This picture is so misterious, I don't know.
There's something about the position and the hair in the face
that makes everything so wow.


the diva wind, the hair, the I-know-I'm-adorable look.
A very simple shot but the B&W makes it glamorous.


Aww, just look at her ♥


I always wanted to see Jen as a villain
and this picture is the closest I get.
I love her with short hair :)
the make up and coat are beautiful!
images thanks to:
Tags: !jenaniston, !picspam
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