Ms. PollyGreen (ms_pollygreen) wrote,
Ms. PollyGreen

It's 01a.m so it's officially...


Oh wow, FINALLY this show is back to our lives
This season is going to be awesome!!!!
And, to celebrate this great day
I'm posting a SARAH WALKER picspam
She's my favorite and it's beyond wrong that I never
picspammed her before.

To unprepared eyes
Sarah Walker may look like a normal girl
a totally gorgeous yet normal girl.

And just like any other girl
she likes to tease, is picky with food
and has really bad days

Like any other girl,
Sarah used to have awfully bad hair days,
wear braces and used to listen to Chumbawamba in the car

Sarah Walker has all the colors of emotion
she can be very emotional, warm, cute
compassionate and intuitive
but also very closed off and ruthless,
shut you off with a look and blind you with awesomeness

But then again,
Sarah is not a normal girl
she's pratically wonder woman without the lasso of truth
when she was little, she'd probably get really bored
at the damsel in distress kind of story

Although she may have pretty boring day jobs
once as a german winner girl...

and now as the sexiest
frozen yorgurt girl ever.

Sarah can kick some SERIOUS ass.
kung fu, street fight, hair pulling, shower fight, car wrestling
you name it.
she'll make you cry and you will love it.

but adorable Sarah really loves her weapons
never leaves home without it.
I noticed that she has a thing for white weapons
and I particularly love when she throw knifes at random objects

She really enjoy her undercovers costumes
doesn't matter if it's just a pair of glasses, a wig or the whole nerd herd outfit
she'll sell it.

But, at the end of the day,
all Sarah wants is to be with her true love
and have a normal life with him
no secrets, no lies and no intersect


Sarah Walker is played by the
always talented and beautiful
Yvonne Strahovski ♥
welcome back to our tv sets, strahotski

Tags: !chuck, !picspam
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